Lions Vision Services

A South Carolina Charity

Lions Vision Services is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) Organization. The mission of the Lions is to empower the blind and visually-impaired in under-served South Carolina
communities to live safe, meaningful, and fulfilling lives.

Providing vision and hearing healthcare to residents of South Carolina

Serving Over 20,000 Individuals a Year.

A Lions Club International Licensee

Associated with Lions Clubs of South Carolina Multiple District 32

Our Services

elder woman having hearing aid put in.

Affordable Hearing Aid Program

Offers basic behind-the-ear hearing aids to individuals meeting certain financial guidelines. Read More…


young girl having glasses put on

Health Screening Program

Provides preventive vision and hearing screenings across the State of South Carolina. Read More…

Eye Surgery Program

Eye surgery assistance for uninsured residents of South Carolina with no means of their own to cover these costs. Read more…

Our Client Stories

Life changing surgeries are not in the reach of many individuals who have fallen on hard times. Thankfully, Mr. Wood heard about Lions Vision Services and reached out for help.

Mr. Wood previously ran his own plumbing business until four years ago when he suffered a stroke. The past four years have been a struggle and when his vision starting fading he didn’t know what he would do.

Eventually, Mr. Wood heard about Lions Vision Services and contacted us. He suffers from Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (PDR) which results in the abnormal growth of new blood vessels on the retina and optic nerve. Mr. Wood received a laser treatment a couple of weeks ago to shrink the vessels and prevent further damage as has already occurred in his other eye.  He then had surgery to repair a complex retinal detachment to prevent permanent vision loss.

It has been a long road for Mr. Wood, but he is so thankful for the Lions and was excited to tell me how he wants to give back one day when he is able.

You can follow the link below for a simulation of the vision issues associated with PDR.…/proliferative-diabetic-retinopathy-vis…

Mr. Wood

West Columbia, SC


Betty Jennings has been a foster parent to a young adult who is disabled since he was a teenager. He depends on her 100%. Recently, Ms. Jennings noticed she was having some vision loss and soon learned that she had Glaucoma. This condition is caused because the intraocular pressure in her eye is too high and has begun causing optic nerve damage.

Through assistance from Lions Vision Services, Ms. Jennings received a laser procedure that will lower and help control her eye pressure and reduce additional vision loss.

Ms. Jennings is thankful for the Lions and the work they do. She stated, “This means the world to me”, and to her foster son as well. Maintaining her vision is vital to her independence and ability to care for him.

Ms. Jennings

Sumter, SC