Restoring Vision and Independence

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Restoring Vision and Independence

Her sight is gone; she lost her job; she had to move in with her mother because she couldn't see to take care of her children.

This would be a mother's worst nightmare, tadalafil but was the case for Susan Johnson. Susan, stuff a single mother of two was 34 years old when she learned she had prematurely developed cataracts. She was very concerned as her sight progressively worsened, nurse she had no insurance, and wasn't able to save enough money to have cataract surgery. Shortly after celebrating her 36th birthday, Susan found herself unemployed because she could no longer see well enough to perform her job. A few months later, she found herself doing the unthinkable, moving in with her mother because she could no longer see well enough to properly care for her children. Susan felt completely helpless, now having to rely on her family to help her do even the simplest task.

One day while visiting the doctor, someone told her sister about the Lions Club. She called the Lions offices in Columbia, who put her in contact with the Newberry and Joanna Lions Clubs. Both clubs sponsored Susan for cataract surgery through South Carolina Lions Charitable Services (SCLCS). SCLCS confirmed her need, worked with the two Lions Clubs and Doctors to arrange for her surgery.

Susan had surgery in August and said she regained her sight in a matter of 48 hours. Susan recently advised Lion Gregg Turner with SCLCS that she has now regained her independence. She has moved back into her home and is able to help her children with their homework. More importantly, just five short weeks after having her surgery, Susan has found a job and working again.

This is your success story; while SCLCS paid for Susan's surgery, it was only possible because of your financial support. Lions are making a difference! Please help SCLCS so they can continue supporting your community.