SC Lions Fundraising

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South Carolina Lions Charitable Services first explored Candy Day in May of 1970. Newly elected President PID Fred Worsham and a group of Lions from the State of Illinois introduced this program to the Lions of Multiple District 32. This statewide fundraiser was proposed to generate the revenue needed to fund the programs of newly formed South Carolina Lions Sight Conservation Association, sovaldi the 501( C ) 3 arm of MD-32. The Lions of MD-32 voted unanimously to adopt Candy Day as the major fundraiser for the state, treatment with all proceeds going to South Carolina Lions Sight Conservation Association.


The first Candy Days were held in October of 1970 and the first year's total revenue was $24, ambulance 787.92. This program proved to be a tremendous success with contributions reaching $230,000.00 by 1982. Unfortunately, due to changing economic times, and restrictions on street collections, revenues have declined in recent years. We encourage those interested in learning more about this program, or how you can make contribution, to please contact South Carolina Lions Foundation at 803-457-7077 or 855-853-6600.

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